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Published on July 12th, 2012 | by Zombie Training

Officials Blame ‘Excited Delirium’ for Recent Zombie Attacks

Following this past weekends attack that left a man naked & acting insane and another with a chunk of flesh bitten from his torso, the authorities have been searching for a reason behind the madness.  Bath Salts were blamed for the attack last month in Miami but were quickly ruled out when the autopsy showed no drugs in the attackers system aside cannabis leaving the police to search for a new reason as to why someone would eat someone else’s face (ignoring the obvious possibility of a zombie outbreak).  Well, the powers that be have found their non-zombie reasoning and have dubbed it ‘Excited Delirium.’

Excited Delirium, or ED, is defined as a condition that “manifests as a combination of delirium, psychomotor agitation, anxiety, hallucinations, speech disturbances, disorientation, violent and bizarre behavior, insensitivity to pain, elevated body temperature, and superhuman strength.” (link)  Rhonda Parker of the reported the following:

An incident over the weekend in which a St. Augustine family awoke at 4:30 a.m. to find a naked man on their roof who subsequently attacked and even severely bit the homeowner and fought police once they arrived may not be another sign of the “zombie apocalypse”, which even President Obama and the CDC have issued warnings against.

In the wee hours Saturday morning, it took five police officers to subdue 22 year-old Jeremiah Haughee – even after he’d been struggling with the homeowner and his son, and then repeatedly tased by officers after they arrived. Haughee continued to fight emergency and hospital personnel with ‘super-human” strength until they were able to calm him with a shot of 150 milligrams of Ketamine.

According to St. Augustine Police Department spokesman Mark Sampson, while by all appearances Haughee had likely ingested some type of hallucinogenic drug, it is not known at this time whether bath salts – readily purchased at many convenience stores until outlawed by the President just this week – had been used by Haughee.

See an alarming CBS News Nightline video report on Bath Salts and Excited Delirium (please note: in the Miami incident involving the man who chewed another man’s face off, an autopsy report showed Rudy Eugene did not have any illicit drugs in his system other than cannabis)

In fact – Sampson said the suspect was also exhibiting the signs of a relatively new phenomenon that law enforcement and emergency workers now call “Excited Delirium” or, ED.

“Obviously, any prudent person would realize this suspect was out-of-control of his faculties, and far beyond just a normal drugged or drunken state,” said Sampson, adding,

“He took a butt-whipping from officers, but just keep on coming, which is typical of Excited Delirium. Our officers did what they were trained to do to prevent him from further injuring himself or others.”

Sampson said the bite received in the stomach of the homeowner was serious, and removed “a chunk of flesh.”

An SAPD police officer was also bitten by Haughee, but it fortunately did not break the skin, Sampson said.

He said Haughee spit, kicked and swung at officers – even after the fall, repeated tasing and the knee kicks devised by law enforcement to bring down a suspect.

“These individuals who are in a state of Excited Delirium seem to feel no pain and have extraordinary strength and endurance,” Sampson said.
Sampson said another of the symptoms of ED is that the body temper will elevate due to ingestion of a substance with which it is unfamiliar.

“This is one reason they feel the need to pull off all their clothes, because the body is sending a message that they need to cool down. Everyone’s system is different, and people in the medical field know this is the reaction of some individuals to a substance they breathe or ingest,” Sampson explained.

To those of us who believe in and prep for the zombie apocalypse, this sounds like yet another pseudo science distraction from the impending ZA, but thats just us.  Check out the rest of Parker’s article here and decide for yourself weither ED is a valid excuse or not for zombie like behavior.

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