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Published on April 27th, 2012 | by Ry Lickliter

Zombie Prepper: A Great App Needs Your Help

With ZA prepping sweeping over our culture the way it has in the last year, the market is flooded with products pushing all sorts of misinformation created by those who are just interested in cashing in on the craze.  We here at ZT don’t like those folks.  We don’t like them one bit.  But every now and then something refreshing surfaces that really needs to be shared.  This is the case with a new project I stumbled upon while browsing The project is a mobile app entitled Zombie Prepper and it is right up my alley.  As I watched the intro video (located at the bottom of this post) I became more and more intrigued by this app (even while being distracted around the 1:56 mark).

Created by Nick Burch & Clint Weldon of Guerrilla Media, Zombie Prepper bridges the gap between game & instructional guide while putting a great deal of quality information in the palm of your hand.  I firmly believe that it has the potential to be an incredible asset to every prepper’s educational arsenal.  Nick & Clint were gracious enough to answer a few questions for us about their potential slice of awesome:

ZT MagazineFirst off, tell us a little about yourselves?  Do you have other projects we may know of?

ClintI’m a producer and photographer with a 10 year background in commercial multi-media content development. I’m also a prepper. When I’m not busy with all that, I’m the Creative Director of the Guerrilla Film Challenge, a two-day event that tasks filmmakers to write, shoot and edit a complete short film in under 48 hours for a $5,000 cash prize.

NickI’m a web developer & programmer w/ nearly 12 years experience. I have a degree in Computer Animation and currently also teach at Ringling College of Art & Design. I am co-founder of the Guerrilla Film Challenge.

ZT Magazine:  Could you give us a brief explanation of the app itself?

:  This is a hybrid between a survival manual and a role playing simulation. I guess you could call it a “Survival Simulator.” The game aspect is there to immerse you in a world that has completely fallen apart but you’ll use a library of actual real-world techniques to attempt to survive. Like any simulation, when presented with a challenge or obstacle to overcome you’ll be able to try something to see what happens and if your strategy fails, you’ll be able to play through again trying different techniques. As you go you’ll learn what works and what doesn’t.  What makes this concept unique is that it isn’t about spraying down hordes of zombies with unlimited bullets. This is about planning ahead, building a survival strategy BEFORE the event takes place and then testing it against the backdrop of a nightmare scenario.  We sincerely want this to be both fun and useful - We think it will introduce people to the concept of “prepping” in a positive way.

ZT Magazine:  What got you focused on disaster prepping in the first place & why focus on the ZA now?

ClintI got into prepping after watching the film COLLAPSE, about Michael Ruppert. It really woke me up to just how fragile our civilization is.

As for why we’re focusing on this app now, we just felt that it was the right time. Prepping is rapidly catching on thanks to shows like THE COLONY and DOOMSDAY PREPPERS and documentaries like COLLAPSE (along with a steady stream of terrifying news headlines.) However, even with it becoming more mainstream, the majority of people still find the concept of getting prepared for a catastrophe to be “too scary” or just too daunting to deal with. The pressures of everyday life are tough enough already – who wants to think about the end of the world!? Our approach is to turn prepping into a game. Make it fun. We chose a zombie holocaust as our nightmare scenario because it’s fictional enough to give people a degree of distance but it still encompasses all of the actual scenarios that people should be preparing for. For example, the power grid failing, a breakdown of law and order and emergency response services, riots, looting, etc. – all of these things WOULD happen in a zombie holocaust and, for the most part, they would happen in a fairly predictable order.

Nick:  Exactly, the skills you would use to prepare for a zombie holocaust can largely be applied to a broad swath of real-world situations so this is our way of tricking people into thinking about preparing while having fun with it. Almost like wargaming the idea with your friends. For me it has less to do with the daily headlines and more to do with strict economic common-sense. Purely as a hedge against inflation it makes sense to store food & supplies. If you can relatively easily store rice and grains for up to 25-30 years.. why wouldn’t you? Do you think things will be more or less expensive in the future? This is actually a very practical thing to do. It’s like having solar energy or wind power. In the end it can save you serious money.

ZT Magazine:  What resources did you turn to for basing what a ZA prepper will/might need?

ClintWe draw heavily on Jack Spirko’s Survival Podcast and John Wesley Rawles Survival Blog. We also like the SAS Survival Guide and the RED Cross. One interesting thing we’d like to do is actually incorporate survival experts from the blogosphere as actual in-game characters. I’d love to see Jack Spirko or Michael Ruppert actually appear in the game as themselves. It would be awesome.

Nick:  Beyond that, sites such as Zombie Training, books like World War Z, general survival guides, and emergency prep sites such as help inform both story and practical elements.

With all the survival guides, apps & games that are readily available today, Zombie Preppers sounds to me like not only a fun & entertaining app, but an extremely useful educational piece for those just getting into the prepping lifestyle.  The catch is, Zombie Prepper needs your help to get off the ground.  Be sure to watch the Zombie Prepper introduction video below and if you like what you see, do what I did and shoot them a donation.  You can make donations & find more information here.

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Ry is a Photographer & Graphic Artist by day and a featured columnist with Zombie Training by night. Specializing in survival tech and zombie culture, prepping for the ZA is about the only thing he really takes seriously.

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